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Raymond McCrea Jones

Chapter: Atlanta /
Pro Type: Photographer

Raymond McCrea Jones is a visual storyteller who creates imagery from a sense of boundless curiosity through his own unique blend of contemporary reportage and portraiture. There is no “lifestyle” to be found here, only life.

His approach to the creative process has been commissioned by brands and publications around the world. As a director of both photography and motion Jones is a steady hand with an intentional vision. He draws on his time spent at The New York Times to inform his unique blend of intimate portraiture and reportage throughout his editorial and commercial work. Jones is recognized for his inimitable positivity and efficiency on set as well as his seemingly effortless ability to connect with those he is with.

Jones places an emphasis on developing long term projects and has published two monographs of his work Out of Step: Faces of Straight Edge (2007, Empire Press) and Birth of a Warrior: Ten Weeks in Basic Training (2015, University Press of New England). His photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums and featured in publications around the world. Jones is also the co-organizer of ATL Photo Night. Jones is represented by Redux Pictures and Found Artists.