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Pro Type: Photographer

Riya Sharma currently lives and works in Kalol, (N.G) Gujarat, India. She holds a professional press card from the New York Institute of Photography and is an official photographer for their Photo World Magazine.She is a Photography Business Advisor/ photography marketing consultant and She provides the world's most popular and inspirational photography training. Riya Sharma is an official member of more than 70 association, magazine, international art and cultural Federation and etc.
A prodigious and immensely talented PROFESSIONAL - FREELANCE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER Who has represented India in many international Countries as a Sole Indian Photographer and who has made her country proud with numerous Global Awards. ( 100+ awards ) Adding to her vast array of awards Sharma has been invited and seen in many forms of media including television, newspapers, magazine, etc.
Riya Sharma is an internationally renown travel photographer from India who creates works with an unrelenting focus and beautiful simplicity that has earned her a spotlight in the international art scene. She has created a compelling artistic portfolio, being active in her home country, India, as well as in the U.S. where she has studied at the New York Institute of Photography.

“I want what I see with my eyes to directly transcend to what people see in my photographs.” – RIYA SHARMA.

Thematically, her creative work shows high levels of accomplishment, as it is a portfolio that depicts many common aspects of life in areas of the world portrayed through the eyes of an artist.
Riya Sharma promotes each human as the protagonist, focusing on issues that resonate with each culture. The viewer can witness a full range of emotional states by exploring her work, showcasing the complexities people face in their everyday life.

She aims to capture moments in her photographs while sticking to my personal style and vision creating imagery that evokes a sense of connection, understanding, and integrity. The subjects of the photographs are moderately diverse, and the stylistic aspects remain relatively consistent throughout her series.

My ‘Before I Die’ would be just to inspire the current generation and generations to come towards art. I just want to feel content with everything I will have achieved and every art I will have created. - Riya Sharma.