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Jim Vecchione / Penn Quarter Productions

Pro Type: Photographer

Jim Vecchione is the Director/Photographer at Penn Quarter Productions, a full service commercial production company and photography studio.

A client (Christina) wrote - Jim is an exceptionally talented photographer and director who is an absolute dream to work with. He has a natural gift for translating the story and themes into beautiful imagery while remaining loyal to his clients' vision. A consummate professional all around, he is 150% reliable, patient, considerate, resourceful and incredibly hardworking. Jim is an excellent communicator with a wonderful sense of humor, which also makes him a delight to be around, on set and off.

Production services include editing, casting, animation, graphics, set building, location scouting and more — for the production of motion photography, still photography and radio.

We also produce motion and stills at the same time, if needed. This solution ensures your campaign has a uniform style with the same artistic vision, talent, wardrobe, location and props. It also saves money for your client.

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