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Tadd Myers Photographer

Chapter: San Diego /
Pro Type: Photographer

I see myself first and foremost as a storyteller. The difference is, my photographs do the speaking. As a commercial photographer for over 20 years, my passion is composing photographs that speak about the subject powerfully and memorably. I’m especially drawn to locations and backgrounds that complement the subject yet recede just enough to ensure the subject dominates the image.

Since growing up in Houston, Texas and spending many days in and around my father’s printing company, I’ve been drawn to the meticulous details of quality craftsmanship. From those days of operating an offset press at the age of 15, I’ve carried lessons learned there into my photography business. My experiences have built in me a true love of both the technical and artistic sides of my craft. I believe it’s the balance of both that lead to images that resonate and remain with the viewer.

In this age of digital media and the constant bombardment of visual clutter, it’s never been more important to craft imagery that speaks in an elegant and unique manner. Whether it’s a single image or a series, I live to create images that tell my client’s story uniquely and unforgettably.

Over my career, my love of photography has taken me throughout the globe. I’ve told the stories-through photographs and books-- of sheep farms in New Zealand, a Bourbon maker in Kentucky, the Lobstermen of Little Cranberry Island, Maine and American Craftsmen of all stripes, among others.

I live in beautiful Grapevine, Texas, along with my wife Rebecca and our two children, Noah and Annalise.