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BrakeThrough Media / Iri Greco

Chapter: New York /
Pro Type: Photographer

Iri Greco came of age in the 1980's New York art and punk scene, but longed for the wild. Her BrakeThrough co-owner, Jim Fryer, grew up in laid-back southern California, but found passion and intensity as a bike racer.

As a team, they bring out each other’s best traits: big thinking, spontaneity, pragmatism, authenticity, and balance. Together, Iri and Jim create serious visuals without taking ourselves too seriously.

We are BrakeThrough Media, New York and San Francisco-based editorial and commercial photographers with a collective aesthetic. We specialize in sports, active, and lifestyle content. From the great outdoors to the studio, we shoot everything and everywhere, both domestically and in Europe. Some of the clients we serve include lululemon, Specialized Bicycles, Oakley, mindbodygreen, London Times, Women’s Health, and TBWA.

Our clients are our aesthetic currency. We build relationships, not transactions. Collaboration is our keystone. We pay attention.

Our work is bold and nuanced, raw yet refined. We cultivate a documentary style with an inclusive emotional appeal. We seek out the perfect moment—whether candid or crafted. We are storytellers. We strive to capture, hold, and align the audience without being commonplace. We smash ordinary.