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Anthony Dias

Chapter: Los Angeles /
Pro Type: Photographer

As a Southern California native, Anthony Dias loves spending time outdoors and often finds himself at the beach with his wife and kids, or enjoying a classic car show on the weekend.

Having grown up in a tight-knit family is something that is very important to him. These same values are exhibited in the respect and admiration Anthony shows for his photography family. Always in good spirits, calm, and resourceful sum him up pretty well.

Starting at a young age, observing and understanding his surroundings fascinated him, and that same interest sparks his creativity today. No matter where his travels take him, Anthony gravitates toward and draws inspiration from people, cars, and landscapes. With a camera always around his neck and at the ready, he captures and fully immerses himself in the world around him, wherever that may be.

Anthony attended Brooks Institute of Photography and achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commercial Photography. Before graduating, he had been steadily working in the LA advertising scene with well-known photographers and agencies. Since then, Anthony has built a strong reputation for knowing his craft through and through.

Some of his recent clients include: Mercedes, Mazda, Lincoln, Subaru, Honda, Cadillac, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Indian, BMW, Hagerty, and Oakley.