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Bochun Cheng

Chapter: New York /
Pro Type: Photographer
/ Assistant

Bochun Cheng’s photographic artworks aim to explore both camera and fashion language, critique and contemplate the cliche with his objective point of view. Bochun Cheng was born in Taiwan and after a year of working at a commercial photo studio, he started his professional career as freelancing photographer in 2015. He studied Fine Art at Pratt Institute in New York and graduated from the master program in 2018. During his academic years, he was influenced by the 1970’s Dusseldorf School of Photography which was devoted to objectivity, deadpan, and minimalism art. Cheng is known for breaking the traditional rules of commercial photography. His artworks reveal the racism, bias, stereotype from different culture and society that are rooted deeply and unconsciously in the commercial photography industry. His artworks have been published on several fashion and art magazines such as Vogue, Harper Bazzar, Marie Claire, Shuba, DowntownNYC, The HUF, and Solstice. Now he focuses on redefining the meaning of death, which comes from the suffering of losing his mother. By showing different perspectives of death, Cheng captures the Chinese culture and the idea of equality between living stocks and human being.