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Frank Thom

Chapter: San Francisco /
Pro Type: Photographer

Growing up, I had a love for playing sports, travel and photography. When I wasn’t on a field, court or rink, I was shooting sports, landscapes, street life, or spending time developing film in the darkroom. Yep, old school. I went on to study art, imaging making and, yes, business at Columbia College in Chicago.

I found my way into the world of advertising, publishing, and digital marketing where I’ve spent the most of my career. I worked at major publications where I learned about editorial photography, art direction and production. I work at the world’s largest search engine where I build global brand partnerships. Along the way, I developed my team building, cross functional collaboration and problem solving skills - skills that I bring to my photography work.

Today, you can find me in the Bay Area in Northern California. My photography consists of action, portraiture, travel, documentary storytelling. If you’re interested in collaborating or talking about commercial or editorial assignments, please reach out.