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Geoff Wood

Chapter: Charlotte, NC /
Pro Type: Photographer

There’s too much adventure out there. Too many incredible people to work with. Too many ideas, too many projects, too much beauty to experience.

Geoff’s plan to get satisfied is to dive headfirst into life behind the lens. He’s hanging off the side of the boat, pouring metal filings into old cameras to see what happens, and whenever possible taking the whole thing underwater. He’s getting to know each person, giving his all for each job, and using ten years of design experience to compose the shot you’re looking for.

And at the end of his life, he hopes to look back with a close family, deep friendships, and scars and shots that show the adventure.

Geoff is based out of Raleigh, NC, and has worked with such clients as Boone Oakley, Duke Energy, Pace Comm, JenningsCo, Baldwin&, Red Hat, USAA, ElectriCities, MicroMass, Wells Fargo, ESPN, Our State Magazine, Good Grit, Garden&Gun, NC Travel Guide as well as others.