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Bree McCool

Chapter: San Francisco /
Pro Type: Photographer

I once traveled 39 hours to a destination and would do it again in a heartbeat - that’s how much I love to travel!

I get just as giddy as a thirty-something year old going to Disneyland than I did at five - let’s debate the best ride, snack or experience!

Mexican food forever and to be on honest I’m still on the search for the best queso and nachos so give me your best recommendation.

Food, travel and rides aside…many say I run a calm, organized and enjoyable photoshoot experience. I’m a firm believer in the preparation and giving you a targeted, efficient set of images to propel your business further, to engage with your audience more deeply and authentically tell your brand story. My background in commercial producing allows me to both logically and creatively approach challenges and pivot as needed.