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Anjeza Dyrmishi

Chapter: New York /
Pro Type: Photographer

I am Anjeza Dyrmishi. Ever since I was at a very young age, almost 2 years old, when I don't even have personal memories, my parents used to say that I just wanted to paint. As I grew up I remember that all my childhood was related to painting. It was my biggest passion, the only thing that made me happy. The image that reminds me of my childhood is me in the backyard, surrounded by paintings and running to catch them because of the wind. I believe that this moment marked my life and since then I am in an unstoppable run to capture the right moment and emotions. It was painting that made me understand that photography was what I wanted to do in life. I graduated in Concept Art, multimedia and that's why I am a multidimensional person,
just like my degree.
Knowing myself as an expressive and determined person, I thought that photography could fit me as much as painting. When I take pictures, I capture real emotions. Every photo defines me and every shot has a story to tell.