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Abe Landes / A.E.Landes Photography

Chapter: Washington, DC /
Pro Type: Photographer

I am an Architectural and Commercial Photographer in the DC area. In addition to buildings and editorials, I love photographing mountain and adventure bike races.

I always wanted to be a creator, and my dad's film Yashica was my gateway into photography. After an exciting (but very career-confusing) time at art school, I was hired as an editor and media manager at a wildlife photography studio. Boom! ~ and it was settled. I couldn't not be a photographer.

It took a bit to finally land on architecture and working B2B. I spent the better part of a decade as an event photographer, traveling, and having a good time. Along the way, I was hired to stand-in for another photographer to cover a beautiful 25k-sqft luxury office renovation. I enjoyed the radically different pace of the session, building the layers of an image, and producing effort to dial in the composition. And I enjoyed it so much, I revamped my entire business over four years to produce photography for architects, contractors, and businesses.

Most of my current commercial work is used in marketing and project/site proposals for my clients. Not only do I like the clients I work with, but I love seeing their mission and values come through in their visual presence.

Looking forward, I have been utilizing 3D laser-scanning for creating Virtual Reality models of buildings. This bleeding-edge tech pushes the boundaries of what photography can do and keeps my clients at the front of their industry.

And yes, I still get out to photograph bike races and stage performances, which helps me to keep every aspect of photography fresh, spicy, and exciting.