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Bento Viana

Chapter: National /
Pro Type: Photographer

Geographer graduated from UniCeub, award-winning film producer and, mainly, photographer. Bento Viana has over thirty years of experience in the market of telling stories through images.
He has done relevant work for WWF-Brazil, World Bank, GTA, INPA, GNT, Ministries of Tourism and Environment, and EMBRATUR.
He traveled all over Brazil, and through Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.
Bento was one of the creators of the exhibition “A Volta ao Mundo em 80 Fotos” (Around the World in 80 Pictures), seen by more than 120 thousand people in Brasília and São Paulo. He held the exhibition “Brasília Iluminada” (Illuminated Brasilia), at Praça dos Três Poderes, which received more than 80 thousand visitors during 60 days. He participated in about 40 individual and collective exhibitions. And produced the book “Brasília Vista do Céu” (Brasilia Seen from the Sky) at request of the Federal District Government.
His vision led him to find original hues and nuances of colors and silences, opening new possibilities for photographic records of cities. In April 2014, he launched the book “Do Céu, Brasília” (From the sky, Brasília), recognized as one of the main art publications ever produced about the Federal Capital. His image bank has more than half a million photos that are part of his legacy as an observer of a world in constant and necessary mutation. In January 2018 he opened his first authorial art gallery, where he exhibits and sells his work.