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Timothy Kwon

Pro Type: Photographer

Born and raised in Southern California, I am a self-taught photographer & director based in Los Angeles, CA. My journey into the world of photography was ignited by a blend of family influence and curiosity. Inspired by my Emmy award winning mother’s 25+ year animation career, I witnessed the creation of critically acclaimed TV shows first hand. A pivotal moment came when I secured a high school internship at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, using my first paycheck to purchase my very first video camera. What started with photocopying Avatar: The Last Airbender storyboards transformed into this obsessive curiosity with creating visual work.

I consider myself a true empath, weaving a unique tapestry of emotions into my work as a heartfelt exploration of the human spirit. My primary focus lies in capturing the genuine essence of my subjects, delving into their emotions and stories and placing them in a heroic, yet relatable lens. Whether portraying diversity, culture, or challenging societal norms, my creative approach infuses each photograph with a narrative that resonates on an emotional level. I find a lot of inspiration in Film & TV on an aesthetic level. I love creating with cinematic compositions and light through my editorial eye. I live and breathe what I story-tell; I am not just a storyteller, but a story-doer.


Advertising / Corporate / Lifestyle / Motion / Portrait / Sports/Action / Travel



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