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Andrew Feller

Chapter: Chicago /
Pro Type: Photographer

I’m a Wisconsin based commercial and editorial photographer with a versatile and diverse skill set who doesn’t easily fit in a box. Clients appreciate my ability to approach productions with a small footprint and big ideas, ready to collaborate and overdeliver. I come from a family of engineers and take a craftsman’s approach to photography and shoot production. I believe in staying small, nimble, and adaptable on set. If there’s such a thing as a “workman” photographer, that would be me.

I work with agencies and brands, both large and small, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, public figures, and everyone in between. Lately, I’ve been creating a lot of image libraries for clients in the tourism, lifestyle, healthcare, and hospitality sector. If you've got a project in the pipeline or a story to tell (and everybody does), I'm eager to hear more.