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Revisit APA at Palm Springs Photo Festival 2020

Come back and view all the APA events you missed!

Tue 29th Sep, 2020

By APA Admin in Insight, Recognition, National

Revisit APA at Palm Springs Photo Festival 2020

Due to the pandemic, The Palm Springs Photo Festival recently held their full program online.  APA’s National Executive Director, Juliette Wolf-Robin, moderated the Symposium on Monday and a meet-up each night with APA members.  
You can watch them all.  

APA Diversity + Inclusion
Meet individuals from the grassroots organizations working towards dismantling harmful practices in the visual journalism and editorial media industry. 

Peter Di Campo,  Co-Founder of The EveryDay Projects 

Polly Irungu,  Founder of Black Women Photographers

Jai Lennard,  Founder of Color Positive

Tara Pixley,  Co-Founder and board member of Authority Collective

Josué Rivas, Co-Founder of Natives Photograph

Andrea Wise,  Co-Founder of Diversify photo

They all signed on to the Photo Bill of Rights with 5 of the 6 being among the co-authors.  Learn more about their cause and support them. 

Watch here

American Photographic Artists - Meet APA Board Members 
Connecting you with our extended community of established professional and emerging photographers – 
With photographers Tony Gale, Dana Hursey, Travis Keyes, Nader Khouri, Brooke Hummer, Martine Séverin
Watch here

American Photographic Artists - Working with High Profile Talent 
Whether shooting celebrities, politicians, or corporate CEO’s, this panel of experienced of photographers know how to get a compelling image with limited time. 
With photographers Elisabeth Caren, Joe Pugliese, Stephen Voss
Watch here

American Photographic Artists - Meet APA Diversity Committee
Meet members of APA's Diversity Committee – find out what motivated them to proactively make a difference and how you can be a part of change!
With Jessica Foley, Christopher Malcolm, Cassandra Plavoukos, Edwin Vargas, Jill Broussard, Wendy Fisk, Ken Clickenger, Nader Khouri, Diana King, Martine Séverin, Matt Sayles
Watch here
Learn more about our comittee here

American Photographic Artists – APA Safety on Set
Photographers who are going back to work during Covid face additional challenges to keep their crew and talent safe, pick up some quick tips on systems that work from photographers who have been on set.
With photographers Beth Galton, Stewart Cohen, Othello Banaci, Mark Hill 
Watch here

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