Workshop: Working with a Digital Tech

Sun 06th Nov, 2016 – 10:00am–1:00pm

By APA Admin in Los Angeles


Sun 06th Nov, 2016


APA Members - $20
Non-Members - $40

When you push the shutter, is there a Digital Tech standing behind you, making sure that the image is captured and stored safely? If your job and reputation (not to mention a huge budget) are on the line…. you can’t do without a Digital Tech! The Digital Tech is the armed guard on the job: he is the one to insure no disasters happen, and he’ll fix problems without stopping the shoot - to prevent any images from being lost!

Come learn what a Digital Tech does - above and beyond being responsible for the successful function of the digital imaging workflow! Whether you want to know what to ask for - how to do-it-yourself on your own shoot - how to become a Digital Tech - this is the workshop for you!

George Simian will photograph a young actress - while John Shin will tech and discuss the entire process of setting up and testing every link in the chain - especially mastering the right capture software and executing the best live back-up strategies. John will cover camera and hardware failures (and solutions), trouble-shooting on the Mac, solving mysterious software crashes, monitoring the proper exposure and focus of the images (and giving feedback to the shooter), verifying the backups, and processing images to be output to the client, right on the job!

George Simian is a people photographer, a long-time advocate for photographers’ rights (past member of APA National board/currently on the LA chapter board), and an educator, recognized by PDN Magazine as one of the dozen “best workshop instructors” in the country.

John Shin is a deeply experienced photographer and digital tech, now recognized as a key player in many high-end photo shoots in LA, renowned for his impeccable data-organization and software-troubleshooting.

Both George and John are Phase One Certified Professionals.



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