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APA Chapters’ Membership Benefits

APA is a strong national federation of nine active Chapters. In addition to exceptional chapter events, juried exhibitions, and portfolio reviews, many of our chapters provide a wide, valuable range of additional member benefits and resources. We encourage you to check out the chapter website for your region. The APA Chapter Territories Map is here.

And as an APA Member, you are an important part of your Chapter's thriving photographic community.

All chapters produce networking events and/or have social hours before their educational events so members can share the latest information and keep up to date.

One of the most important Chapter benefits is your admission discount on Chapter events. Most chapters offer up to a 50% discount on event admission, and some offer free event admission to members. The event savings alone can cover most, or all of your dues. And there are member-only events, like our popular Portfolio Reviews.

Plus there are many other great chapter benefits that can save easily save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Some chapters offer their members current referral lists of member-approved Intellectual Property Attorneys in their area, as well as local referral lists of CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Accountants who are familiar with pro photographers' needs. For another example, APA LA and APA SF members are entitled to a full 20% discount on all rentals from Samy's Camera. Depending upon how much you rent, this chapter benefit alone can easily cover your annual dues, and more. It pays to be an APA member!

Check out these Chapter Benefit webpages for many other lucrative examples.

APA NY Chapter Benefits

APA LA Chapter Benefits

APA SF Chapter Benefits

The list of all APA Chapters is here.

Lürzer’s Int’l Archive

APA members receive 40% off the cover price and can purchase an annual print subscription for just $66.30 or, full subscription for just $118.15 and you'll receive unlimited access to our entire Archive collection since 1984 on and on your iPhone or iPad.

With your full subscription, unlimited digital access includes:

  • Agency Profiles
  • Top Creatives profiles
  • Client Profiles
  • Interviews with industry’s top Creatives
  • Access to our specials like 200 Best Ad Photographers,
  • 200 Best Digital Artists, 200 Best Illustrators
  • and much more

This benefit is available only to Supporter and higher member levels. To upgrade, please contact

International O-1 Letter of No Objection for USA Visas

As a benefit of membership, APA assists our international Professional and Leader members in documenting your professional status and photographer requirements in your USA Visa application, for an Advisory opinion in support of O-1 petition (letter of no objection). Examples of your photographic work are required, and upon APA reviewer approval, qualified applicants will receive an official statement denoting photographer with exceptional ability. There is a one-time $100 processing fee. Contact our National Executive Director, Juliette Wolf-Robin ( for details.

Legal Consultations and Referrals

APA has several knowledgeable Attorneys available for one (1) free phone consultations for up to 15 minutes. These consultations are available only to current APA Leader and Professional members and membership verification is required.

To book a consultation, please email our Executive Director, Juliette Wolf-Robin and be sure to tell her if you have a copyright issue, or a photo contract issue so she can contact the best attorney for you. She will follow up with you after she alerts the attorney.

APA Chapter Attorney Referrals
Many APA Chapters maintain referral lists of qualified attorneys in their area. Members often prefer to retain local legal assistance so they can easily meet face to face, and so their counsel is knowledgeable about relevant State laws. Contact your Chapter directly to request the current Chapter Attorney Referral list. This Chapter benefit is available to all membership levels.

Please note that while you may choose to, you are under no obligation to retain the attorney after your initial consultation.

Premium Video Vault (Members Only) and Public Video Vault

Our public APA Video Vault on YouTube helps answer your business, copyright, and other questions about the business of how to be a professional photographer. Our short, concise videos from industry experts help address how-to questions about running a photography business.  However, these videos are intended as educational material only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice.  

Check out the public APA Video Vault content on YouTube here

If you like these videos, please consider joining  APA for access to dozens of valuable member benefits, including premium video content, which is locked in the APA Members' Premium Video Vault.

APA is the most prestigious national organization for professional photographers and we are committed to leading the future of our  industry. However, you should rely on your own advisors who are  familiar with your specific circumstances, for advice about your  specific situations.

Portfolio in APA Creative Network

Behance Portfolio in APA Network is available to all members. Join today.

APA members are invited to join the APA Portfolio Gallery — an exclusive network powered by Behance — to gain broader exposure for their work, connect with like-minded photographers, and be discovered more easily by potential creatives. Joining the network allows you to:

How to join the network

1. Go to the APA Member Gallery
2. Click on Sign Up & Showcase your Work
3. Sign on to  Behance (existing or create new)
4. Put in your APA special Join Code (code can be found in APA Member Only area when logged in to
5. Done (you will start seeing your work in APA creative network within a day)

Get serious exposure
Your work will be shown both on the APA Portfolio Gallery and in the larger Behance Network that attracts millions of visitors per month.

Build a following
Gain followers everywhere your work appears, and easily alert your followers when you publish new work. You’ll also be able to access statistics on your own portfolio.

Publish once, appear everywhere
The APA Portfolios Gallery gives you the ability to display your work on your APA's creative network, post your work instantly to Facebook and Twitter, sync with Behance and have your work seen an APA National's home page.

Showcase your work
Put your best foot forward by building unlimited projects using images, text, audio and video, all for free.

Keep your work at your fingertips
With the free Behance app your APA Member Portfolio is always with you on your iPhone or iPad, making it easy to show your latest work even when you don’t have your full portfolio on hand.

APA Behance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to my portfolio if I don't renew my APA membership?
If your membership has expired, your portfolio will no longer show up as part of the APA Portfolios Gallery, but it will remain on the Behance Network—without APA affiliation. When you reinstate your APA membership, you'll be able to re-join the APA Member Portfolios Gallery in Behance so that you can enjoy the benefits of inclusion in this trusted and respected professional network.

Q: Is there a space to display my résumé?
Yes. This feature was added in November 2010. You can provide both a searchable web page and downloadable PDF version from your profile.

Q: Can I add a URL that links to other websites/projects I have done?
Yes, users can add URLs to their profiles in the Edit Profile setting. Another option is to add links and linked text within a project. To do this, simply add a TEXT module to your project and select the icon for inserting a web link from within the text editor.

Q: Can I organize the projects in my portfolio by groups?
While users can add specific tags and creative fields to each project that they publish in their portfolio, Behance doesn’t currently offer the ability to group projects by a specific group name.

Q: How do I configure the Copyright settings on Behance to maximize protecting my projects?
To maximize your copyright protection with the new APA/Behance galleries follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click on "Me" then "my profile"
  3. Click on a project
  4. Click "edit project"
  5. Click on "settings"
  6. Click on "edit" next to copyright
  7. We recommend selecting "No posting or usage without explicit permission"
  8. Click "Done"
  9. Click "save changes"

Q: I need help!
If you have difficulty setting up your portfolio, contact Behance for technical support.

Q: How do I get my work “featured”?
Featured projects are handpicked by the APA curatorial team, based on a number of criteria and data from the network. APA has a dedicated group of people who review every project published in the network every day to find the most innovative projects.

This benefit is available to all members.

Discounts on Events and Competitions

All members enjoy discounts on events and competitions and are entitled to attend Members' only programs. APA's regional Chapters produce ongoing programing like: continuing business education, face-to-face portfolio reviews, panel discussions, and presentations by award-winning photographers.

Discounts on events and competitions are available to all members.

APA Member Pro Media Card

The APA Member Pro Media Card is specifically designed to help expedite quick check-in service at airports, as well as to facilitate the pro media discount on excess baggage, available through many airlines.

While it is not a press credential, the back of your APA Member Pro Media Card reads:

Please extend to this APA member any professional media discounts on excess baggage, as well as all pro media rights and privileges, including FAA / TSA hand inspection of cameras and photo equipment.

The APA Member Pro Media Card has an open area in the design so members can easily add their own one inch square headshot, to turn the card into a photo ID. After affixing a self-portrait, simply insert the ID card into a laminating pouch designed for business cards (available at most office supply stores) or have your ID card hot-laminated.

Please note: Not all airlines accept the card as an approved media credential, yet. It often depends on the agent behind the counter, so arrive prepared. Our recommendation is, before traveling, research the particular airline and see if they accept pro media cards for extra baggage discounts. Print out that info and bring it with you when checking in. With their terms in hand, it should be easier for their employee to honor your APA Member Pro Media Card.

Your APA Member Pro Media ID Card will automatically arrive within 4-6 weeks after your join or annual auto-renewal date; please make sure your USPS address is current and complete in your Profile. Members can also login and scroll to the bottom of your My APA page to print out your temporary APA ID card.

APA Member Pro Media Card is available to all members.

Access to Members-Only Content

APA produces content on a variety of photo related subjects each year. Gain access to our comprehensive photography industry survey - this is a great tool for analyzing your business performance with other professional photographers. APA publishes white papers on industry best practices and important topics like understanding social media terms and conditions.

Access to members-only content is available to all members.

Professional Insurance Plans

Having progressional insurance to protect important business assets is smart. As a matter of fact, insurance is so important that APA created a dedicated business unit to handle our members professional insurance needs. It's business insurance designed by photographers for photographers. As the leading not-for-profit organization serving professional photographers we know the unique demands of this industry. Our business insurance team can customize a policy that fits the unique demands of any photographer. For more info, and to receive a free quote from AIS (APA Insurance Services) please go here.

Additionally, we have special policies available for students and educators.

Professional business insurance is a benefit for members at the Supporter level and above.

Join a Chapter Success Team

The Success Team program is an accountability group administered through local APA chapters. APA started Success Teams because we understand how tough it is being an entrepreneur. We have all developed a bunch of ideas that have never seen the light of day (even with the best of intentions). Staying on track has never been more difficult. Success Teams put the structure in place that many creative professionals need to help grow their business. Like writing a business plan, establishing goals, developing a marketing plan, and keeping track of financial performance. The goal — getting sample projects produced and into marketing leading to sustained business growth. The best part, you get to work with other like-minded visual communicators. While it's called Success Teams it's about putting in the effort day-in day-out, and seeing business results over the longterm. At this time, the Success Teams program is available through many, but not all chapters; please contact your local chapter to find out more.

Chicago-based photographer Lindsay Gallup produced this sample as a member of a Success Team.

Success Teams are a benefit for members at the Associate level and above.

Chapter Portfolio Reviews

We understand how difficult it is getting work in front of agency creatives. Let the strength of the APA go to work for you. Our local chapters administer portfolio reviews on behalf of our members. While each chapter runs their reviews differently, they all have one thing in common — getting our members access to creative professionals for feedback on portfolios. This is your chance to get up close and personal with art buyers and creatives to build a relationship and earn future new business. At this time, Chapter Portfolio Reviews are available through many, but not all chapters; please contact your local chapter to find out more.

Portfolio Reviews are a benefit for members at the Associate level and above.

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