APA Scope: Diversity and Inclusion Webinars

Thu 01st Jul, 2021

By APA Admin

On hiatus for summer. 

APA Reflection and Action - A compelling conversation with Darnell Scott, Visual Brand Manager at Apostrophe and Martine Séverin, APA Chicago Board Member and Chair of the APA National Diversity Committee.

Episode 1: January 2021 conversation Moderated by Martine Severin with guests Cassandra Plavoukos and Christopher Malcolm. ​

Episode 2: This episode is focused on the LGBTQIA community. Moderated by Ken Clickenger and Edwin Vargas with panelists Ash Danielsen, Mariya Stangl, Nowen Cifuentes, Akshit Bhardwaj.

Episode 3: This episode of APA Scope is focused on Asian inclusion in the photo industry with Photographer, Carmen Chan, Netflix Campaign Manager, Alex Kang, Photo Producer, Caroline Yi, Art Director Mike Nguyen and moderated by photographers, Diana King and Jessica Foley.

Episode 4: This episode of APA Scope is focused on decolonizing and reimagining the photo industry. Moderated by Josué Rivas with guests Cinthya Santos-Briones, Cara Romero, and Oved Valadez.

Episode 5: Peer to Peer mentorship moderated by Oriana Koren with guests Rebecca Aranda and Danielle A. Scruggs.

Episode 6: This episode of APA Scope is focused on groups elevating female-identifying professionals in the photography business. Moderated by Traci Terrick with panelists Keren Sachs and Polly Irungu.



Tue 29th Jun, 2021

APA LA Off The Clock 2021...

The 2021 Off The Clock Competition curated by Rebecca Morse features 100 original works.